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The face of a person with carcinoid syndrome is shown in the photo. The symptom is provoked by the active production of histamine by the tumor. With the development of the pathological process, a reaction of the organs of the digestive system is observed. A characteristic manifestation of carcinoid syndrome is diarrhea. It is accompanied by pain, which patients describe as strong, regular contractions. Feces have a special fatty consistency. The clinical picture of abdominal syndrome is complemented by stable nausea and vomiting.

Changes in the functioning of the cardiovascular system are noticeable and are associated with the effects of serotonin. The structure of the heart will change, its tissues will be replaced by connective ones (the process often affects the right half of the organ), and the internal ducts of the arteries will narrow, which will impede blood circulation. Such transformations are accompanied by symptoms - increased blood pressure (slight), heart pain, tachycardia.

An increase in hormone levels in the blood leads to the appearance of another sign of carcinoid syndrome - bronchospasm. The clinical picture in this case is similar to bronchial asthma. There is extreme difficulty breathing, pain, wheezing and whistling in the lungs, lack of air, dizziness. Diagnosis is necessary to confirm that a patient has carcinoid syndrome. The main indicators that the doctor pays attention to are characteristic external manifestations, an increase in the level of serotonin in a blood sample, changes in urine with an increase in the concentration of 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid in it.