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This type of tumor is special. It is capable of independently producing hormones and delivering them into the circulatory system, which causes the main signs of the pathological process. A distinctive characteristic of carcinoid syndrome is a long latent period of development. This dangerous situation arises due to the unclear manifestation of symptoms at the onset of the disease, their similarity with the signs of a number of pathologies. Often an already formed tumor is diagnosed that has metastases, which significantly worsens the patient�s prognosis for recovery..

Active production of hormones (serotonin, histamine, bradykinin, prostaglandins) by a formed carcinoid tumor provokes the appearance of signs of the syndrome of the same name. The research results do not provide complete information about the causes of the development of the tumor process. A neoplasm can develop from a single altered cell and cause the syndrome. The presence of a carcinoid tumor in a person does not mean that he will necessarily develop the syndrome.

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