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Depending on the location of the neoplasm, the most likely causes of the pathological process are noted. They should be considered in more detail. The main cause of lung cancer, carcinoma, is smoking. An active tobacco lover or people from his close circle who are forced to regularly inhale dangerous carcinogens along with smoke can get sick. Other provoking factors are viral infection, ingestion of asbestos particles and dust into the lungs, and exposure to radioactive radon.

Several common factors can cause the appearance of a tumor and then the development of signs of carcinoid syndrome. Rectal carcinoma is caused by hereditary diseases in which gene mutations are observed - Lynch, Petz-Egers and Cowden syndromes, various polyposis. The risk of tumor formation increases in patients with colorectal adenomas, female pathologies - ovarian dysfunction, endometriosis, neoplasms in the mammary glands. Unfavorable environmental factors and poor nutrition can provoke the cancer process.

The formation of neuroendocrine tumors in the large intestine is associated with the presence of gene mutations, lack of sufficient physical activity and bad habits. The pathological process is provoked by improper nutrition, when animal fats, yeast, and refined carbohydrates predominate in dishes. Carcinoid syndrome has characteristic symptoms. The patient's skin condition changes noticeably. Visible areas - face, neck, shoulders - may suddenly change their color, becoming distinctly pink or red. After a few minutes, the natural skin tone returns.